Alexia Hadrius (née Landrius) is the Queen dowager of the Kingdom of Arathen and mother of Anurid Hadrius. Alexia is one of the POV characters in The Chronicles of Aerothos and is forty-one years old at the start of The Fallen Banner.


Alexia grew up in the town of Etrurium with her younger brother, Edrian, where their father, Lord Elias Landrius, ruled as lord. On her sixteenth birthday, she was married to Prince Aurelian Hadrius, and soon conceived her first child, Anurid. Not long after, she conceived again and gave birth to a girl named Julia, though the newborn child became ill shortly after birth and died. She became Queen of Arathen in the year 365 when her father-in-law, King Quintus Hadrius, passed away and her husband ascended the throne. Alexia enjoyed a happy marriage with Aurelian, despite his public reputation as being a cold man, and they had another son, Calian.