Beyard Viridius is the commander of the Union forces stationed in the city of Arcadia. During the Third Galerian War he rose through the ranks of the Arathenian military and was favored by King Aurelian Hadrius for his tactical competence, and later served for a brief period of time as a royal guard before returning to Arcadia. He is a character of significant importance in The Chronicles of Aerothos and serves as the POV for the prologue of The Fallen Banner. He is twenty-eight years old.

Appearance and Character

Beyard is of average stature, and while physically capable, not a brawny man. He has shortly cut brown hair and a trimmed beard. Beyard is often dressed in fine clothing befitting of his rank.

It is noted by Hector Bardas that Beyard is loved by Arathenian and Arcadian soldiers alike. He has compassionate eyes and speaks genuinely. Beyard is known by many for his strategic mind and tactical capabilities.


Beyard was born into an Armacian-Halryian family that had once been prestigious at the time of the Kingdom of Arathen's founding. His mother died from a fever that overtook his home village, Eren, and Beyard spent his young adulthood working in his father's smithy. When he came of age, wanting to restore the former glory of his family, Beyard enlisted in the Arathenian army and went on to serve in the Third Galerian War. During the war, Beyard killed a Galerian champion while his unit was routing after a crushing defeat. With the death of the champion, Beyard's unit rallied and stole victory. This feat earned Beyard the attention of Aurelian Hadrius, who learned of Beyard's tactical prowess. At the Battle of Hernovia, Beyard served as the tactician of the Arathenian army.

After the war, Beyard was stationed in Arcadia, where he served as the commander of the Union forces for nearly nine years. At the end of his tenure, Beyard was given a position as a royal guard at the side of Aurelian Hadrius, whom he served throughout the unraveling of the Imperial conspiracy until Aurelian's death in the Mistwood. Now king, Anurid Hadrius then reassigned Beyard as Commander of Arcadia in anticipation of an Imperial attack.