Blacktower is a fief within the Empire. It is located on the eastern range of the Durik Mountains, near the Dead Waste, close to the Sorndiran border.


Blacktower is named for its appearance, having been built entirely with black stone from the Orastan Peninsula. The Blacktower itself was once singular, but in recent years has had two smaller towers connected to it, though the central tower is notably taller. A single curtain wall surrounds the tower environs, and a small village is located outside to support Blacktower.

It was originally constructed to keep watch over the Durik Mountains and the surrounding lands, most notably from Rovaski raiders and as a first defense against conflict with the Hrusko.

Ownership; Knight of Blacktower

Knight of Blacktower is a title given to the ruler of the fief and has always been a member of House Blacktower, a family which began as the sworn defenders of Blacktower. The Knight of Blacktower is charged with supplying knights loyal to the throne of Orastus and defending the land surrounding the Durik Mountains. The title of Lord has never been given to this position, for it does not command the power akin to a lordship due to its minimal land and population management. But nevertheless the title was created and given out of respect for the Blacktower family, who proved themselves to be loyal subjects of Orastus and performed their duty well throughout the centuries.