Halryia was an island city-state in the center of the Halryian Sea. At the end of the First Age of the Halryians, after the Exiling of Halryia, it mysteriously sank beneath the ocean.

At its height, the Halryians were known to be the most advanced people of their time, though they never sought lands away from their island. Halryia was a functioning utopia, which the Halryians believed was a blessed golden age given to them by their god, Halros.


Halryia was a renowned utopia throughout the First Age, and despite efforts from foreign nations, was never conquered. The island bore massive amounts of natural resources, which allowed the civilization to flourish and reach its maximum potential in terms of production and technological advancement. Halryians believed that their home was given to them and blessed by Halros, which played a major role in curbing any desire to expand. The only land owned by the Halryians away from the island was a small trading colony, Theos, which the Halryians used to trade primarily with the Heraclian kingdoms.

The Fall of Halryia

As time went on, the utopia began to fail when the natural resources of the island were exhausted. Three parties were born out of the strife, which argued over the governance of the island and eventually warred with one another, destroying what was left of Halryia. When the island became uninhabitable, and after signs interpreted by the priests, it was agreed upon that all would leave Halryia, an event which became known as the Exiling of Halryia. The three parties sailed in different directions, one of which was led by Valuron Valtarian, who settled in the old trading colony of Theos. It is unknown what happened to the other two, though most speculation agrees that they either found homes in other countries and integrated with the local populace, or were lost at sea.