The Halryian peoples, culture, and faith originated from the isle of Halryia. After the Exiling of Halryia, the culture and faith of the Halryians swept over Aerothos.


The faith of the Halryians is a monotheistic religion centered around their god, Halros, and his dominance over all life and the earth itself. Halros demands only that mankind follow his moral code and in exchange he offers an eternal afterlife of happiness in the heavens. Knowing that absolute perfection is impossible, Halros is a notoriously forgiving and understanding god, much to the appeal of Halryians and converts alike. Those of the Halryian faith believe the ultimate goal of life is to spread the word of the Halriod.


Halros has two sons, Doros and Enros, whom he stresses are not gods in their own rights, but only his children who do his will, much as any son obeys the word of his father. Enros watches over a plane of existence known as the Far Realm, where souls who cannot yet accept their deaths or who are deeply troubled find refuge. The Far Realm is commonly associated with the appearances of ghosts. It is Enros' duty to maintain the Far Realm so that these souls may come to terms with their death on their own and make the decision to put the world behind them. Doros was meant to live in the world and guide mankind to its ultimate greatness, but after seeing the flaws in humanity, refused Halros' command to do his role, saying that mankind was unworthy of Halros' plan for them. In response, Halros created Hell and cast Doros into it, but Doros' power proved greater than even Halros could imagine, and he turned the underworld into his own realm. From Hell, Doros influences the world and individuals to deviate it from Halros' plans and bring ruin to the earth.

Sacred Text

The Halriod is the sacred text of the Halryian faith. It contains three books within: Creation, Law, and Salvation. Creation provides the story of Halros, Enros, and Doros. Law explains the code by which Halros demands mankind adhere to. Salvation tells of the ultimate forgiveness of sins, the victory of peace, and the end of time as mankind knows it when all of the earth worships Halros.

Deviation; the Kasdian Faith

Those of the Kasdian faith believe that Kasdeyor "Arcos" was a savior sent to mankind from Halros to eradicate the damage done by Doros, in which his divine plan was to unite all Halryians, spread the faith, and usher in the golden age described in Salvation. The Kasdian faith is the dominant religion within the Empire.


The Halryian calendar is used by all of Aerothos but for Galeria and Rovaskia. It measures history into two separate ages: the First Age (1A) of the Halryians, in which the Halryians lived on Halryia and their presence in Aerothos was hardly relevant, and the Second Age (2A) of the Halryians, which began when Valuron Valtarian arrived in Theos with his followers after the Exiling of Halryia.

The Halyrian calendar does not use months as a time-keeping category, but instead is only constructed using the four seasons. Each season has an appropriate amount of days assigned to it (all of them roughly having around 90 days, give or take a few) and is organized as a solar calendar.

Though the calendar was eventually split between Halryian ages, it was the combined efforts of Asdanrians and Halryians that created the calendar, which began its use during the First Age.

For a real-world equivalent, it is most similar to the Gregorian calendar.