Jeyk Marcher (pr. "Jake") is the eldest son and child of Arn Marcher and Frelia Hart and is the heir to the Kingdom of Rhodrien. He is the older brother of Caim and Leila and is a character of significant importance in The Chronicles of Aerothos. Jeyk is twenty years old at the start of The Fallen Banner.

Appearance and Character

Jeyk has an appearance similar to Caim, though he notably looks older and sports a trimmed beard. He is charismatic, well-respected, and a skilled swordsman, which is how he acquired the disdain and envy of Sir Erik Langin.

Quotes by Jeyk

"Caim: Here to help me with my armor then?           

Jeyk: I figured I would.           

Caim: You're more than welcomed to be my squire, Jeyk. You only had to ask.           

Jeyk: Oh, is that what I am?"