The Kingdom of Arathen is a Halryian kingdom of Aerothos within the Union. Arathen is known primarily for its military might and leadership amongst the Union kingdoms.



The Kingdom of Arathen was founded in 132 2A by the Valtian war-hero Anarian Constian. In 133, construction of Arathen City began, and shortly after the neighboring Kingdom of Armacia declared war upon Arathen. Anarian Constian was able to bring about a quick end to the war, capturing the Armacian capital of Candros and forcing a treaty to be signed. The Armacians joined the Kingdom of Arathen, giving the kingdom nearly the entirety of its modern borders, in exchange for its lords maintaining their nobility and for fair treatment within the newly found kingdom.

Reign of House Constian

For nearly one hundred years, House Constian ruled the Kingdom of Arathen. The first three generations of Constian kings focused primarily upon strengthening the infrastructure of the kingdom, bringing in vast amounts of gold, increasing field production, maintaining roads, and mining the rich ores that lie in the Armacian Mountains. It was not long before the cities boomed with growth and the Constians became one of the most powerful families of Aerothos.

Fall of the Constians; The Arathenian Civil War

In the year 222 2A the Kingdom of Arathen went to war against the Kingdom of Halsvyg, the southernmost Rovaski nation. For two years they warred in a conflict known as The White Storm, ultimately ending in the destruction of Halsvyg and the lands south of the Cobalt Mountains, from the Constian River to Blackwall Keep, becoming Arathenian territory known as the East-Lands. King Brutus Constian kept much of this land directly under his control and raised the inheritance tax to aid in paying for new endeavors in the East-Lands, which was met with vehement opposition. The Arathenian nobles and senators saw this as a tyrannical abuse of power, and in a bloody affair, Brutus Constian was stabbed to death in the Senate House and the rest of his family was murdered, but for his heir, Aurelian, who escaped to Theos. In 236, Aurelian had gathered what loyal soldiers and Valtian allies he could and met the traitors in the Battle of the Arathen Plains. Aurelian was victorious and had each of the nobles and senators executed, but he had suffered a grievous wound during the battle and died shortly after. On his deathbed before passing, Aurelian, having no heir of his own, passed the crown to his loyal friend, Marcus Hadrius. Under King Marcus Hadrius, the Kingdom of Arathen was reunited.

Reign of House Hadrius

After the war, Marcus granted control of the East-Lands to Gerhard and Soren Brandt, stating that Arathen had exceeded its own power and could not keep the lands. Gerhard and Soren would go on to create the Kingdom of Sorndir. House Hadrius would endure under the modern era, taking part in multiple wars and helping in to usher an age of peace that would last fifty years. In most recent history, the Kingdom of Arathen spearheaded the Union efforts in the Third Galerian War and achieved victory for the Union.