The Kingdom of Ulranar is a Halryian kingdom of Aerothos within the Union. Ulranar is primarily known for its massive woodland territory, socially evolving culture, and progressive withdrawal from Union affairs.


The Kingdom of Ulranar's name is inspired by the Galerian language. The Galerians referred to the forest as the Ulren, which translates to "Great Wood", for they believed it to be the oldest and largest forest on Aerothos.



The Kingdom of Ulranar was founded in 132 2A by Lancion Andor following the defeat of Kasdeyor and the creation of the Union. It consisted originally of the southern portion of the modern borders, encompassing the cities of Haldar and Talnaryn, during which Talnaryn served as the original capital of the kingdom.

Expanding the Kingdom

The southern portion of Ulranar had been taken from the Galerian Armenii tribe by the Kingdom of Valtia in the first century of the Second Age. After the founding of the Kingdom of Ulranar, the kingdom expanded northwards with the help of the Valtians, taking the lands of both the Tirgae and Veleti tribes in the First Galerian War. Years later, during the Arathenian Civil War, the Ulranarians expanded further north, taking the lands of the Andui, Dorini, and Ulrenii in the Second Galerian War. The Kingdom of Ulranar participated minimally in the Rovaskian War.

Third Galerian War

See Third Galerian War.