Owen Braddock is a knight in the service of Arn Marcher and part of the Rhodrien Royal Guard, as well as a mentor and father-like figure for Arn's sons, especially Caim. He teaches Jeyk and Caim martial skills, as well as life lessons when deemed appropriate. Owen is a character of significant importance in The Chronicles of Aerothos.

Appearance and Character

Sir Owen is middle-aged, with grey hair that falls beneath his ears and a beard that covers his upper lip. He always appears calm, even in the most dire of circumstances.


Owen grew up in the village of Caldale, south of Caernanden, where he was good friends with Berwyn Corgan. Owen was protective of his younger sister, Evelyn, whom every man in the village had eyes for. One night, Evelyn came home, bruised and bloodied after having been raped by a knight known as Anselm. Owen went to the nearby hadren to find the man praying and killed him. King Tristran deemed Anselm a false knight and rewarded Owen for his act of justice, allowing him to squire for the revered knight, Sir Berold Goodwater. When Evelyn died in childbirth, Owen took up permanent residence in Caernanden, where he befriended Prince Arn Marcher and the two formed a brotherly bond. Owen fought alongside Arn during the Third Galerian War.

Quotes by Owen

"Every young man wants to swing his sword, but every man who has wants nothing more than to sheathe his blade for good." - Owen to Jeyk Marcher