Ulrich Brandt is the eldest son of Conrad Brandt and Queen Emilia and is the heir to the Kingdom of Sorndir. Ulrich is one of the POV characters in The Chronicles of Aerothos and is twenty-eight years old at the start of The Fallen Banner.


Ulrich was a gifted and talented boy and quickly gained respect throughout the kingdom for leading part of his father's army in the Third Galerian War. Throughout his youth he was raised alongside Sir Derek Marden, the son of his father's closest friend, Lord Casper Marden. After the death of his younger sister, Cecilia, his father became focused upon him and his ability to produce an heir. Ulrich was divorced from his wife, Verynna Renner, after he discovered her committing adultery and did not have any children with her. Ever since, he has not cared to remarry.