Varnorix is a Galerian warrior in the service of House Andor, the ruling family of the Kingdom of Ulranar. He is the personal bodyguard, as well as martial instructor for Princess Alaeria Andor.

Appearance and Character

Varnorix is a large man, muscular, with braided straw-blonde hair and a long mustache. He is a proficient swordsman. Though he is seen as barbaric, he is learnt in how to act according to Halryian customs.


Varnorix was once a warrior in the army of Chief Verganten of the Anvarii tribe and lived in the city of Alerica. He took part in the Battle of Brightmoon Keep during the Third Galerian War. When Brightmoon Keep was reclaimed by Lord Thanril Amrian, Varnorix was imprisoned in the dungeons. He was eventually released by King Etharion Andor and brought into his service to instruct his children in martial skills.

Quotes by Varnorix

“Do not fear me, young prince. I am not your enemy, nor will I be.” - Varnorix to Calian Hadrius