William Laren is the son of Lord Aymer Laren of Gwynan and a knight of renown in the Kingdom of Rhodrien. He is a veteran of the Third Galerian War and at the time of The Fallen Banner is the commander of his father's army. William's wife is Evelyn, and they have two children, Renae and Ethan. William is a character of importance in The Chronicles of Aerothos.

Appearance and Character

William is approximately Arn Marcher's age and has a "scrap" of dirty blonde hair and a thick mustache. He is described as soldierly and dutiful. As the war progresses, he is revealed to have a ruthless nature.

Quotes by William

“Do not be fooled. They are all monsters.” - William to Caim Marcher, regarding the Imperial soldiers

Quotes about William

"He's a brave man... Charismatic and dutiful. Rhodrien could use more knights such as him."  - Caim Marcher, in thought